Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Rocky Mountain Sewer-jet & Drain Cleaning

What services do you provide?

We provide full service sewer inspection, drain cleaning and repair.

  • Sewer-Jetting
  • Sewer Camera & Locator Servises
  • Snakes, Cables / Blades
  • Sewer Gas Odor Detection
What are your prices?

Our prices are both fair and competitive.  You won’t be saving money splitting services up with a discount camera service business because we end up saving you more money in the end.  Our prices are online and on more complex jobs we will happily come out and give you a bid.

Here are links to our pricing:

What forms of payment do you accept?

We are COD for the first service and after that we can set up net 30 billing.  We accept cash, check and credit cards; credit cards do have a 3.5% processing fee.  We accept all major credit cards though Square.

Note about our billing terms: Our billing terms are 30 days which means we expect to receive payment for services no later than 30 days after services are performed. Beginning on January 1, 2017, all invoices issued may incur a credit rating fee based on the customer payment record.  If any outstanding invoices become past due, the fee will be assessed on future invoices to cover the additional administrative costs associated with managing past due accounts.

Do you offer a warranty?

Our services are warranted for 30, 60 or 90 days (depending on the service) against backups only under normal use, provided lines are properly plumbed and protected with appropriate filters/strainers and are not damaged or abused.  For clean out jobs, we provide warranty that the line is completely clear only if combined with the camera package, which allows us to visually inspect the lines. For specific information, give Lisa or Art a call at (303) 791-5041.

Is there anything you don't do?
We are not plumbers so we don’t do new instals, water heaters and things like that.  We do have companies we work closely with and can highly recommend.  Please feel free to call us and we will connect you with a trusted company.
What are your hours?

Our office is open Monday though Friday from 8am until 5pm.  We use an after hours answering service for 24 hour messaging service.




– After Hours Emergencies –




Emergency after hours service is available Monday though Friday.  Same day service requests that are performed after 4pm are considered after hours and we accept after hours emergency service calls up to 6pm.  Currently the after hours charge is $60 per hour plus the normal service charges.  We pass this onto our technicians as a thank you for them giving up their personal time with their families.

How does your camera cleaning package compare to other camera scoping services?

We offer our camera services both alone or as a package with cleanout services.  All camera services include a link to the recording for the customer’s reference.

Do you offer priority same day service?

Yes – we can provide same­day service calls!  Same day / emergency pricing is a little more in order to help us cover the time it takes to shift around our techs and non emergency jobs which can be fairly time consuming.  Here are links to our “up front” prices; we have split out emergency / same day vs our schedualed so it is easy to see the diffence.  If you have any questions please give us a call.

Here are links to our pricing:

What is the jetter for?
Think of a jetter as a “power washer on steroids” for your drains.  As the jetter goes though the pipes it shoots water out, up and backwards at such a high PSI that it’s almost like it scrapes the sides of the drain or sewer line clean but with water (and sometimes, if needed, a degreaser).  A jetter is great for cleaning caked up pipes, if you add our all natural, organic, citrus based degreaser to the jetter you can even clean those grease caked drains that seem to attract and invite scum to stick to the insides.  Like a closed artery in the body, the scum builds up as it sticks to the scum, dirt, solid waste and other debris that was already stuck to the pipes, this compounds until you’ve got a big problem.  The best way to know if you need a jetting service is to have a camera inspection done; once we can really see whats going on we can recommend the correct cleaning method to get you the best results.
What is the difference between a "large drain' & a "small drain"

Large drain: 3­4” diameter, requires large cable/snake

Ex.: Floor drains

Small drain: up to 2” diameter, requires small cable/snake

Ex.: Bathtub, sink, dishwasher, etc.

Can you help me find and eliminate a weird smell?
Not much is worse then that nasty mysterious sewer odor in your home or business.  It may seem to come and go at time but it always comes back.  We can help you find exactly where its coming from.  This odor comes from a condition in the drainage system that lets the gas leak or vent into the building or residence.  We use a special sniffer box that basically forces smoke into the sewer lines.  We block the gas in so that we can see where the leaks are.  Once the leaks are found we can proceed with a plan to fix the leak and intern eliminate the odor.
Do I need a camera service?

With the camera, we can see if and exactly where the line is obstructed, broken, cored or anything else.  With this information we will know what to recommend to get everything running smoothly again. The camera is also used to confirm that the line issue has been fixed once we are done cleaning or repairing the line, which enables us to provide a warranty.

When should you cable (snake) & when should you jet? And why?
A cable / snake is used when there are roots in the drain. This amazing tool actually cuts though those roots, shearing them off as it moves thought the drain.  The bladed are made specifically for cutting roots while keeping the drain in tact.  A jetting service is not used to clear roots because it doesn’t have the cutting ability the way a cable or snake does.  There are times you need to have your line jetter after it’s snakes but it best to use a camera service to determine exactly what you need to correct the issue properly.
How far can you cable or jet?

Jetter – up to 500’

Cable – 120’ to start. We can add additional length up to 300’ for $1/ft after 120’

What is a degreaser normal recommended for & why?

We recommend our citrus­based, non­toxic degreaser to help remove grease, soap and other types of sludgy buildup to ensure that the line gets the best cleaning possible and to help prevent premature recurrence of greasy, sludgy buildup as much as possible.

I think I have a problem with roots.....
Roots are a real nightmare for sewer-lines.  Roots find their way into clay pipes, though cracks, through junctions and they feed off of the water and nutrients in those lines.  PVC and ABS doesn’t have the same issues unless they have cracks.  The best way to know for sure if you have a problem with roots is to get a camera service.  If you’re already having backups then you should consider a camera inspection right away.  Roots alone don’t stop the flow of water but as the waste goes though it creates a sewer core because the roots hold the waste back.  The waste collects between and in front of the roots, then the waste starts to stick to itself until it is a lump of waste that stops the flow of water.
Can roots grow back?
Sadly roots do grow back.  Roots LOVES drains and sewer lines because they have abundant water and nutrients.  The roots will grow back more quickly if there has been less rain fall but no mater what, they will grow back.  The surprising part it that roots can still grow after a tree had been cut down for a few years.  It’s always best to know exactly whats happening in your drainage lines by using a camera serve; it lets YOU see whats happening and gets the job done effectively and efficiently.  We recommend a line with roots be cabled every 1-2 years on average but sometimes more often depending on your drains.  The thicker the roots the more difficult the cabling job can be; it also puts more stress on your pipes if the roots get large.
Why we recommend not using a discount camera service initially

Our philosophy is that a correct diagnosis of the problem in the beginning saves the customer, time, money and frustration. We believe in using the correct equipment to provide an accurate diagnosis of the problem so we can apply the appropriate solution from the beginning. This reduces the amount of labor, and the need to have multiple visits to rescope. We provide a package that includes the labor time, usage of both the jetter and cable/snake, as well as a link to the recording of the location of the problem and the condition of the line after cleanout. This provides the customer with the assurance that the job was done right the first time.

What's included with your restaurant package and why do I need this?

We recommend performing our Restaurant Cleaning & Maintenance Package about every 3 months depending on the customer’s individual needs. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the grease trap system and drains reduces the need for emergency service due to backups, helps to prevent expensive equipment failures such as pumps, and prevents undue inconvenience to the restaurant and their customers caused by smells, backups and poorly performing appliances such as lavatories and their drains.

The package includes jetting the inlet and outlet of the grease trap (not pumping it) and cabling/snaking up to 6 small drains such as floor drains, dishwasher drains, etc.  Separately, these services would cost SIGNIFICANTLY more but with our package deal we help you save a lot of money.  When you wait for the emergency you will possibly have down time, inconvenience, maybe even a bad smell in your kitchen or thougout the restaurant  which is no fun; it will also cost a lot more then taking the time and setting up the right preventive maintenance plan for your restaurant.

We are about to roll out a new program that lets you spread out your maintenance plan into a small and regular monthly fee.  Each plan is customized for your restaurants’ needs and the affordable, evenly split up monthly payments can be charged to you card or you can send in a check.  This will help you save money and prevent your maintenance from getting behind.  With this plan you won’t need to worry about forgetting about your maintenance, even when you’re too busy to remember to set it up; you never your lines backing up at the worst possible moment.  We take the guess work out of maintaining clean drains; we even provide your staff with a kitchen poster so they can better understand how the kitchen drains work and how to keep them running smoothly!

Preventing drain issues:
  • Use proper strainers & filters
  • Use the proper type of toilet paper
  • Don’t wash clay or oil / grease products into your drains
  • Never put foreign objects into you drains / toilets (i.e. feminine products, paper towles, “flushable” baby wipes, regular baby wipes, oil, grease, kitty litter)
  • More tips to come – come back soon
What is a "cored sewer line"? Why is it common?
A sewer core happens when roots are in a sewer line and the roots start to collect the solid waste particles.  As the roots collect debris then the debris starts sticking to itself which eventually blocks the sewer line and that is a sewer core.  You will need to open the line up with a snake / cable which will power thought the sewer core while cutting the roots.  Depending on the type of debris going though your line you may or may not need a jetter to remove waste stuck to the edges of the pipes.
Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at art@rmsjet.com or call us on 303.791.5041